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Being a new mother is the most fun, hilarious, exhausting, frustrating, cute, surprising and best job you can ever have, but let me be honest and completely vulnerable here: Teething is TOUGH!

Your baby is hurting and so is your parent heart. As my babe struggles, his top four teeth have finally cut through all at once. And any moment his canines will be making their grand entrance - "ouch" (for both of us)!

Sleepless nights have turned to napless days. Big tears have streamed down both our faces, as I try to do anything I possibly can to sooth him and balancing it all right now in the midst of a global pandemic is challenging to say the least. I know you feel me.

All the things I do, I love. But right now it’s full time mommy-ing and part time partner, lover, daughter, sister, business-owner and friend. I’m finding it hard to make time for myself, as I know many of you can relate. I am eager to find equilibrium in my new roll as mother to a newborn baby. I’m trying to give myself grace everyday. Sometimes, I see other mothers and think “ Dang, she’s a super-mom”, when I can barely make dinner these days.

If you’re reading this and relating in any way, I just want to remind you , YOU’RE A SUPER MOM TOO!!!

I know it will take time until we pass the teething phase of baby-hood. An while it may not be possible to ameliorate your babies pain, I have found that the right remedies and teething toys can help to temporarily give the baby (and mommy) some distraction.

With that in mind, I have put together some of my favorite tips to help your babe gnaw his or her way to relief. I hope you both find some solace in these, as we did.

Love, snuggles & comfort. Mommas love is the best medicine! Just hold, carry and snuggle your little babe. Teething won't last forever...and neither will these newborn cuddles.

Take a soothing warm bath. My son is soothed by a nice warm bath using Lavender Essential Oil. When he is in pain or distress from teething, this is a useful method to help calm him down.

Teething Necklace. If you’ve been around the natural, organic mama circuit, you’ve likely seen the cute amber necklaces on babes. The idea is that your babies body heat triggers the Baltic Amber to release an oil that is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Frozen fruit. I put frozen cherries in a silicone teether. He loves the sweet juiciness and the cold pressure helps give relief to his baby gums.

Silicone and Wood Teethers. On our teething voyage we’ve learned babes love to gnaw - on e v e r y t h i n g. Our little one loves to chomp on his itty-bitty fingers (and mamma and dadda's fingers too). Some of my favorite teething companions for my baby are:

Comotomo, Sophie la Giraffe, LouLou Lollipop, Itzy Ritzy and a personal favorite, the

Remember Momma, your baby already has everything they need during this painful growth period - the power of your beautiful heart. You have so much love to give to yourself, to your family and to the world. Your unique heart is needed by your babe during this time. Be patient....your love is needed. And don't forget to give yourself some love too.


We hope that this blog post, by the beautiful Christina Kernoski Schloessman, will be beneficial to you and your newborn baby. If you have any questions about this blog topic, or about newborn or baby photography, or if you're in the pre-newborn stages and are interested in maternity photography, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We service all of San Diego County and Los Angeles, as well as select dates spend in Houston, Texas.

Thank you to Christina for another beautiful blog!



For more on the columnist Christina Kernoski Schloessman and baby Rohan Björn, check out her Instagram feed.

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