{Studio Owner + Lead Photographer}

In my natural state, I am an Introvert, so I'll keep this short and sweet: if your house caught on fire and you

ran back in for your meaningful images, I would hope that you had the ones that really captured you in the Essence of who you are. My passion is finding that essence and helping to remind you of it, as often

as you like.


{Client Liason}

Terry is a mother of 3, and has been in the field of beauty for many years. I asked her to be part of my team beacuse of her cheerful and warm personality and ability to make my clients feel totally comfortable both on and off-set, which is invaluable to me.

She will likely be the first and last voice you hear during your experience with us. As an Artist, I need all of the help I can get to keep things organized, so if you ever need something and can't reach me - Terry is here to help sort things out for you. She's kind, thoughtful and will bring a smile to the face of anyone who meets her.


I absolutely LOVE this woman and know that you will too.



Last, but certainly not least, is Igor - our retoucher.....and man, oh man do we love this guy! From skin smoothing to slimming and adding in sunsets when the skies weren't so great - he is our hero around here. What we love most is how natural his work looks - if we never told you that he had just removed 13 people from the background, a pimple and a dog from the photo, you'd literally never know....and we think that's pretty cool.  His work is of the highest quality and therefore, takes time.