{Studio Owner + Lead Photographer}

Tiffany is an international award-winning photographer, originally from Texas. She has over 35 years of experience in design, architecture and art and has been a photographer off and on since the age of 8. In 2010, she traded a career in architectural design for one in Photography and loves every minute of it (ok, almost!). 

Tiffany is passionate about helping women see themselves in photos that they love. Since starting her work as a professional photographer, she has spent countless hours listening to women pick themselves apart in photos and it has translated in a passion for her that now extends to helping little girls love themselves. If you're curious to learn more, just ask her. She would love to chat with you about it.

In her free time, she is an avid contemporary art lover. In 2018, she curated her first art show and has hopes of continuing to do so. She also enjoys building and painting custom sets for photoshoots, so if you have something outlandish in mind - she's your girl! Just ask! 


{Assistant Photographer}

Leah is a full time mother to 3 incredible children and first started off as a client of Tiffany's. After many years of working together and watching the studio grow, Leah joined the team in Spring of 2018 and is taking on small event shoots, mini sessions and cake smash sessions. Knowing what it takes to get her own kids prepared for sessions helps her when on set, plus she's incredibly attentive to detail. 

When not helping out here at the studio, she's likely chasing her littles around or watching sports with her family....or baking a mean batch of cookies. 


{Intern/Assistant Photographer}

Sara graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography earlier this year and has been helping out on shoots since early 2018. She also helps keep Tiffany sane by editing, setting up for sessions, assisting on shoots and just generally putting a smile on everyone's face - a most valuable asset!

Sara also loves photographing live concerts and has quite the collection of rad music photos. We're kinda jealous tbh. 


{Hair and Makeup Artist}

Not to confuse you at all, but Tiffany and Tiffany met when Tiffany Allen Photography first opened in San Diego in 2012. Tiffany Ann was recommended for a shoot, and the two Tiffanys clicked right away. Then Tiffany Ann moved away to Utah and we were very very sad - but then she came back and we're over the moon about it! 


Tiffany has worked for makeup brands such as Stila and Chanel and wow, does she do a great job! Not only that, but she is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful people you will ever meet and our clients (like us) fall in love every time she is around.

When she's not doing makeup and hair for our clients, she's likely planning her upcoming wedding or running around with her gorgeous kids on the beach somewhere. 


{Hair and Makeup Artist}

What's not to love about Lisa Rogers? She's gorgeous, funny, talented, stylish and we're convinced she's just a rock star. Prior to living in San Diego, Lisa worked as a makeup artist in San Francisco where she worked on movie and TV sets. She's incredibly gifted with a brush and we can promise you, you will have fun while she's making you extra gorgeous.

Lisa has two little boys (who, of course, we love) and also started out as a client of Tiffany Allen Photography. 


{Fashion Stylist}

Ok, you're going to LOVE Kalli. Like really, really love her. She lives in Denver, but she came in for a session this summer and her style was so great, that Tiffany and Kalli decided to join forces and have Kalli remotely style clients from her home in Denver. Kalli will put together an entire wardrobe for you, including where to purchase the items that she's styled for you and your entire family. Talk about taking the guess work out! We couldn't be happier to have her help.

In her off-work time, she is mother to two of the most gorgeous little girls we've ever seen. 



Dean has been with the Team since summer 2018 and handles social media videos, branding videos, corporate events, weddings and even Newborn announcement videos (coming January 2019!). We're so happy to have him as we truly don't have a clue how to work the video button on the cameras around here.

Dean is super patient, attentive, easy to work with and will work extra hard at the moments that matter most to you. We're super happy to have him as part of the team.



Last, but certainly not least, is Igor - our retoucher.....and man, oh man do we love this guy! From skin smoothing to slimming and adding in sunsets when the skies weren't so great - he is our hero around here. What we love most is how natural his work looks - if we never told you that he had just removed 13 people from the background, a pimple and a dog from the photo, you'd literally never know....and we think that's pretty cool.