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Social "Distancing", But Never Alone.

This morning, I sat in my car and cried like a baby….

.....out of crippling Fear.

It’s not like me to that. It wasn't pretty or cute or inspired. It was ugly crying while parked in a garage during a rainstorm when we all so needed to see the sunshine today.

I debated about whether or not to put up a cute marketing banner today listing the sales I could have going on right now but I just can't do it (and this is not me judging anyone else that's doing it - trust me). This situation sucks and is scary as shit and everyone that I know, wealthy or poor, working or unemployed is feeling totally unsafe.

More than chatting about my business right now and how small local businesses need you, or what sales I have going on - I want to talk to you about this:

You are not alone in feeling scared right now.

There is a world full of people right now alongside you who are experiencing despair, sadness, worry, scarcity and fear in MANY ways and on many levels.

Whether you have children and are dealing with the fear as a mother or father, whether you are a single business owner worried about how you will keep your lights on or worried about when you’ll see another client, whether you work in the healthcare industry and are worried about the health and well-being of your family while you work, whether or not you’re retired but now worried how you will survive if you get this disease or whether you work for a large corporation that may or may not lay you off: You are NOT alone.

You are still connected to your loved ones, even though you cannot see them right now. Even though you might not even be able to talk to them right now. You are still loved and needed even if you hear from friends less as they adjust to their new lives. You are still wanted and valuable even if that cute guy or girl isn’t texting back right now.

The world needs YOU right now even if it seems easier to give up, leave your dreams, find the “safe” answer, or to make unhealthy choices. The world needs you to connect with your higher self so that you can breathe your talents, skills and inspired creative energy and love into this precious planet that we live on together.

We ALL need you.

This is a great time to practice your self love and I’m committed now more than ever to mine. If you don’t know what real, deep self-love means (or even if you think you do), let’s talk. I’ve spent my entire life researching and learning (sometimes the really hard way) what it means and I only recently feel like I’ve had some incredible “AHA” moments and I would love nothing more than to share my findings with you right now — expecting nothing in return. I just want to share what is helping me out these days. I will use this blog as a means to do that for those of you so inclined to read it. Mostly I want to say this: I am here if you need someone to talk to. I mean it.

For the time being, I cannot bring myself to put up any fun posts about how I'm rocking my quarantine. I'm not. I cry almost every single day. My boyfriend is tired of seeing me in fuzzy socks and pjs walking around using toilet paper as kleenex.

For the time being, I will post affirmations and other things that are helping me to feel better right now - even if they give me peace and joy for only 5 minutes. I'll take it....and I'll share it with you in the hopes that it will help you too.

For the time being...let’s just be. In the moment, now more than ever. And let’s love more than we ever have, slow down more than we ever have, be present more than we ever have, get grateful more than we ever have....and learn to love ourselves (then teach our kids how to love themselves) more than we ever, ever thought possible.

For the time being, the studio is still open and yes everything is on sale and will be until we all recover from this but right now, I’m gonna take some time to focus on my self love.

I hope you’ll join me.

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