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A Modern Mama's Favorite Baby Items for 2020

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

by Guest Blogger, Christina Kernoski Schloessman and her baby boy, Rohan Björn


These days keeping it simple and going back to basics with sleek and modern baby gear is becoming more and more stylish and accessible. From strollers and cribs to highchairs and car seats, I’m crazy about a simplistic aesthetic.


Because I love how it goes with anything, it works for both boys and girls, and frankly, some products don’t even look like baby gear (uh, hello diaper bag that doubles as a proper adult backpack!). Plus, Dad will feel a lot more confident carrying around a simple black carryall versus that big, pastel pink one. I’ve collected my most favorite items for baby below, so you and your new addition can stroll in style!

Bassinet: Most babies will sleep in their parents’ room in a bassinet for the first 3-4 months, before making the leap to a crib in their own space. (That is, unless you decide to co-sleep.)

Christina’s Pick: Happiest Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper, $1295, Happiest Baby

Christina’s Pick On A Budget: Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Premier Series, $289, Halo Sleep.

Stroller: A steady Stroller/Pram is a new mama’s best friend. If you’re often on the road and don’t want to disturb a sleeping baby, look for an adapter that allows you to clip your carseat into the stroller frame.

Christina’s Pick: G5 Stroller, $1160, Orbit Baby USA.

Christina’s Pick On A Budget: NUNA Tavo, $399.95, Nuna Baby.

Car Seat: Safety is key. And the hospital won’t let you leave without a car seat. Again, look for one that can hook to the top of your stroller frame for easy snap-and-go capability.

Christina’s Pick: G5 Infant Car Seat, $480, Orbit Baby USA.

Christina’s Pick On A Budget: Nuna Pipa, $299.95, Nuna Baby.

Baby Carrier: After spending 9 months nestled up inside of you, your baby is not going to want to be far from you once he’s on the outside. Keep him close to your heartbeat with a snug wrap that allows mama (or papa) some all-too-important hands-free time!

Christina’s Pick: Zeitgeist Baby Leopard Fusion, $734, Artipoppe.

Christina’s Pick On A Budget: Boba X Denim Rain, $160, Boba.

Baby Rocker/Chair: Lull your baby to sleep, or at least get them to pipe down, with a little soothing vibration. These things allow mama to hop in the shower for 15 minutes here and there. They’re crucial.

Christinas Pick: Baby Rocker LEVO, $259, Charlie Crane Paris.

Christina’s Pick On A Budget: BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss, $199.99, BuyBuyBaby.

Diaper Bag: There’s a lot to carry from point A to point B. Find a bag that’s got your back.

Christina’s Pick: Julien Leather Diaper Backpack, $225, Leader Bag Co.

Christina’s Pick On A Budget: Nova Backpack Sprout, $119.99, Herschel.

Activity Mat/Baby Gym: One of your baby’s first toys (and tummy-time central), a solid activity mat will last you through most of the first year.

Christina’s Pick: The Play Gym, $140, Love Every.

Christina’s Pick On A Budget: Rainbow Baby Activity Gym, $89, Crate&kids.

Pacifier: Okay, you might be totally against using a “binky,” but we say those early months are about survival. And sometimes survival includes sticking a paci in your baby’s mouth. Of course, if he’s actually interested in a binky is up to him. Some babies show no interest.

Christina’s Pick: Bibs Pacifier, 0-3 Months, $7.99, Mushie.

Christina’s Pick On A Budget: Still my choice, Rohan loves these.

Newborn Diapers: Oh boy, are you going to need a lot of these. When in doubt, ask folks to send you diapers, either in size Newborn or Size 1.

Christina’s Pick: Honest Newborn Diapers, $13.95, Honest.

Christina’s Pick On A Budget: Cloud Island Newborn Diapers, $7.99, Target.

For more on Christina Kernoski Schloessman and baby Rohan Björn, check out her Instagram feed.

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