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Updated: Feb 3, 2020

“The singular and undeniable magic that motherhood possesses can only be described as alchemy: some divine combination of strength and softness, nurturing warm and innate honesty, insight and intuition, vision and intelligence. Alchemy in many ways, defines and describes all that motherhood does and is.”

Are you ready for a major dose of inspiration? Today we have new momma Christina Kernoski Schloessman sharing her mother essentials with us. She is a culture vulture, moon loving star seed; with a passion for all things "mommy". And since she just became a new mama herself to her sweet newborn son Rohan Björn— who was born just one month ago, we asked this beauty to tell us which products passed the test for her self-care during pregnancy.

HypnoBirthing Class. “I lived with a fear in my pregnancy that I didn’t want to carry on into Rohan’s birth. I needed to replace my fear with ferocity. I found that the HypnoBirthing class provided me with the language and breathing exercises that I needed to remain calm, despite what was happening around me. Alongside my husband, I chose to set the trajectory of my son’s life on a peaceful path.”

Your Baby, Your Birth: Hypnobirthing Skills For Every Birth by Hollie de Cruz, $15.30, Amazon.

Sleep. “Motherhood, is full of ups and downs, so developing a sleep routine to help balance the lows is key. The no-sleep movement sounds cute until you crash. I found that I had to fight the internal pressure to do everything I did when I wasn’t pregnant, I had major fomo. I did this by unplugged from my social media and mindfully choose what I would be spending my energy on—so simple yet difficult at times.”

Belly Oil. “For multi-purpose moisturizing, this is my go-to magic oil. It’s in a sleek bottle that is a luxury to apply, and somehow it’s formulated to moisturize without being excessively oily. I use it all over, even now on Rohan. I’m convinced products with multiple purposes were created for moms.”

Hatch , $56, belly oil

Love. “My biggest tip is to surround yourself with people who love you and love the things that you love. Also, make sure your support system supports your birth plan choices, and limit negative imagery and language concerning your choices. Reducing your stress and starting to find ease is paramount to having a peaceful pregnancy and motherhood experience.”

Mommy-To-Be Feminine Wash. “This specially formulated wash by Honey Pot (emphasis on special) is for expecting mamas or new moms. It balances your pH, fights odor-causing bacteria, and calms discomfort, all while gently cleansing.”

The Honey Pot Company Mommy-to-Be Herbal Infused Feminine Hygiene Natural Wash for Pregnancy, $10, Honey Pot

Mommy Massage. “I experienced a lot of pain while pregnant. I found a fabulous spa who specializes in prenatal care and went one to two times per week. I’m convinced that is the reason why my body was at ease.”

Four Moons Spa, $130, Mellow Mama

Regular Yoga Practice. “During my pregnancy I downloaded the Spinning Babies Daily Essentials video and tried to do the yoga sequence at least two to three times a week. I found this helped my body with flexibility and relaxation. It also helped to get our little man aligned in the womb.”

For more on Christina Kernoski Schloessman and baby Rohan Björn, check out her Instagram feed.

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