Meet Tiffany


{Studio Owner + Photographer}


Writing about myself is hard, but telling you what I love is easy, so I'll start there...

I love it when I get to show a woman a photo of herself and she smiles as she sees herself holding her children, or her fiancé, or just her own body. When she laughs (in a good way) to see herself looking better than she thought...and its a "best of all" feeling if she starts crying tears of joy because I've somehow been able to exceed her expectations. I love that feeling right there.

I love seeing a father hold his baby in their first photoshoot together - the way he awkwardly positions himself and repositions himself thinking there's a "perfect" way to do it, when the exact perfect way to do it is the way HE is doing it.  I love the feeling knowing that the photo he felt so awkward to take will be the one they're both looking at for the rest of their lives. The photo that you know will make mommy fall in love with daddy over and over again. The one that that tiny baby girl will put up in her college dorm room her first year away from home.

Maybe that photo will be someone's favorite one ever taken; maybe it will heal a fight - or better yet save one from happening.

I love when I get to capture the genuine laugh of a 2 year old that decided to warm up to the camera after 55 minutes of tears and struggle in the studio after which the parents thought I couldn't possibly have captured anything remarkable. I love the looks on their faces when they see those tiny laughing eyes shining through the residual tears. Everyone will forget the tears.....but no one will forget that laugh.

Capturing these moments with you in and of itself is a beautiful process for me. Getting to know what makes each of my clients thrive in their own uniqueness during a session is something that I genuinely seek out, not only to photograph with my camera, but to experience and bring out in an otherwise awkward situation. Finding the vulnerability and uniqueness in just being human and experiencing that WITH you, then showing that back to you - and the beauty IN that. That's good stuff for me. That's why I do this job over anything else....and I hope you'll let me be part of your personal stories.

I currently manage the studio and do all of the photography myself, which means that timings might be slightly off, there may be a retouching request that gets missed in the process or a color photo that didn't get transferred to black and white fast enough, but what I can promise you is that I have got your back...and I will work hard for you - to create something with you that is all your own, unique to you, and a true piece of art that you will treasure for a lifetime and beyond.