When should I schedule my Maternity session?

You should schedule your session as soon as you can. While we may be able to accommodate last-minute requests, the studio is typically booked 2-4 weeks out.

We want you to be comfortable during your session, and the majority of our clients come to us between 30 - 34 weeks. We can certainly work with you sooner or later based on your needs.

What should I bring with me?

Please bring anything you think you may want to wear during the session. We highly recommend you wear or bring nude underwear.

If you'd like to have intimate photos taken in the studio, please bring underwear and a bra, as we only provide wraps and dresses. 

What should my children and/or significant other wear?

Solid tops and pants photograph the nicest, so anything simple and without graphics will work well. Many of our clients prefer to wear white or black t-shirts with solid jeans. This keeps the photos looking clean without overpowering the mother-to-be.

Do I have to get my hair and makeup professionally done?

You don't have to, but we recommend that you do. We have a team of highly skilled stylists who are familiar with makeup and hair needs specific to photoshoots, compared to just "everyday makeup."

Can my entire extended family be in the session?

Our Maternity sessions include photos of the immediate family only. If you'd like to have extended family members in the photos as well, please let us know in advance so we can reserve a larger spot for you. Pricing for additional family varies on the amount of people included.

Can my dog (or other pet) be in the session?

Yes, family pets are an additional $50.00 per pet. It's imperative that someone who is not involved in the session can come with you and stay with the pet so that he or she isn't running around in between shots. Family pets are allowed for outdoor sessions only. Due to the nature of shooting Newborn sessions in the studio, we cannot allow any pets indoors.

How soon after the session will I receive my photos?

You will receive your photos roughly a month after your session date. The first step in getting your photos to you as quickly as possible is to schedule you for a photo review. The review will take place in the Tiffany Allen Photography studio 7-10 days after your session.

The purpose of the photo review is for you to select which images you'd like to keep (the amount will be stated in the package you've selected), give any retouching requests that you have, and potentially buy additional photos, prints, or albums. After your review, photos are sent to our Retouching team and take about 2-3 weeks to be completed.

We can provide "rushed" photos if you need them sooner.

What exactly is included in my Maternity package?

All of our Maternity packages come with fully retouched photos of your choice (chosen at the review session).

A selection of wraps and lace for in-studio sessions.

A selection of dresses for your session (one dress is included in your package and additional dresses for outdoor sessions may be rented for $50.00/each).

I saw another photographer who appears to offer a similar service for much less money... why should I book with you?


What's the difference between retouched and non-retouched photos?

What kinds of things are covered in Retouching?

Where are you located?

The Tiffany Allen Photography studio is centrally located in Hillcrest.

What's your studio like?

The studio is spacious and modern, with a main room for shooting clients as well as a client bedroom where candid family photos and Newborn photos are often taken. The studio has floor to ceiling windows with beautiful natural light. There is a coffee shop and a restaurant directly downstairs. We're also a short walk to Balboa Park, so many of our clients with young children take advantage of the proximity during long Newborn sessions.