The Top 5 Reasons Women Should Do a Boudoir Photoshoot

Listen, we all know how tough it is to be in front of the camera. I’m the worlds WORST at having my photo taken, but I believe SO much in the empowerment of Women as a species and these photoshoots could not be more powerful. 

With Valentines Day just around the corner, society pushes us to “perform” or “deliver” on gifts for our partners. Here’s what I have to say about that.... 

Doing a Boudoir shoot shouldn’t have a damn thing to do with a man...or a romantic interest. It should be about celebrating this incredible gift we have as women: our bodies - the most beautiful thing nature ever created. It should be about falling in love with the most important partner we will ever have in our life: OURSELVES. 

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Here are MY Top 5 Reasons for doing a Boudoir Photography Session in San Diego:

1) It’s about saying “my body is worthy” it is!  Not in some “perfect” future moment. In THIS moment. Not in some “perfect” future body. In THIS body. 

Don’t wait until you’ve “lost the baby weight” or “hit your fitness goals”. You are PERFECT as you are!! 

And I’ve honestly had women do these sessions and the photos helped them push harder toward their goals than anything else could. And then they were even MORE valuable to them because they told a visual story of their journey. 

2) It’s about giving your 60, 70...90 year old self something to look at and think “Damn...”

And THAT’S gonna feel amazing. 

3) It’s about owning your Sex appeal. For YOUR sake.

Our culture is constantly trying to tell us what “sexy” is. We have so many other definitions of sexy being thrown in our face everyday that we fail to give time to writing our own. These sessions help you see your own signature sex appeal....and trust me, you’re going to be SHOCKED. 

4) It’s a celebration of your Femininity....and Femininity doesn’t know what size you wear, how fit you are, if you’re tan or not, if your hair is blonde or brown or grey. It only knows that you’re a woman. Soft, bold, sexy, vulnerable, funny, giving, strong, capable...Female. 

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5) It’s not about photos to post for likes. It’s about getting the only “like” that matters: Your own. And this is perhaps the best reason of all. 

THIS weekend (Jan 19th and 20th) we’re doing something we’ve never done before... Boudoir Mini Sessions. Because we know women like to find every excuse possible not to do these photos for themselves. This time, cost isn’t going to be one of them...

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